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Who have already know about sharing economy? If not, let’s read my post. The simply about sharing economy can clarificate to become a bisnis which related to each others.

For example, badu has a car used to work, and that car stayed at home when he backs from office, the car is non benefit if not use. Why we don’t just use it? But for what?, many people back offer night, and they need a vehicle, if badu helps them which is one direction back home and also warrantee for the fuel and maintaince of badu’s car, and also give badu some money. Why not? That’s the concept of uber born.

That’s the concept of ‘sharing economy’ as far as I understand. This concept was originally ‘peer-to-peer sharing’ or shared among fellow known people or people who were in the network (networking). who does not know gojek or grab in Indonesia? They are included in the economic sharing where companies and workers are interconnected, the company provides a container for work, eliminates a system for getting customers, and workers donate their own vehicles. Another example is AirBnb, one of the startups that make up the sharing economy, so disruptive by releasing non-hotel accommodation supply sources such as apartments, homes and villas. What used to be a limited supply of accommodation only from hotel owners and the like, now ordinary people who happen to have unused rooms in their homes or apartments, can supply this room via AirBnB. One more example is JNE, a well-known freight forwarder in Indonesia, I think JNE has the concept of economic sharing, those who provide swrervices but wait or depend on the goods of the customers.

One of the keys to implementing economic sharing is trust, if we have a mind to create a company that share the concept of economic sharing, we must be confident with our thinking. Because the sharing of the economy is actually not much different from the conventional, which is just different  only in the wrapper .

(Semakin sesuatu itu berubah, semakin ia sama saja – Purnama Adil Marata, 1992, hal. 1).

That’s all from me about sharing economi😊.

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